Moving out the Finished Product

Moving the Finished Product

On average, we pump 18 million gallons per day to our customers

Finished water pumps draw water from the clearwell to send out to all the CLCJAWA communities. Six pumps move the treated drinking water out into our water pipeline and on to the towns and villages that deliver water to our customers.

The Pipeline

Over 55 miles of pipe move the water to our member communities

Pipe sizes range from 12 to 48-inches in diameter, utilizing multiple pipe materials. Pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe makes up approximately 28.5 miles of the transmission system, with ductile iron approximately 20.3 miles, and approximately 2 miles of both fusible and standard PVC to make up the rest. Click here to see who we send water to. Underground pipelines are everywhere moving valuable assets such as drinking water. For more information regarding Water Main Pipeline Awareness click here!

Pre-stressed Concrete Pipe

Ductile Iron Pipe

PVC Pipe

Delivery Structure

24 delivery structures aid in delivering the water to over 285,000 people

Each community is allocated an underground delivery structure where the water is metered before crossing over to the town's pipeline. CLCJAWA is responsible for all pipeline and appurtenances prior to the delivery structures, while each community takes responsibility of the water after passing through the delivery structures.

Booster Pump Station

Adds 9 million gallons of storage and boosts pressure to distant towns

At approximately the midpoint of the system, three 3.2 million gallon steel standpipes provide additional system storage. A Booster Pumping Station (BPS), consisting of 3 vertical turbine pumps, maintains adequate pressure for the most distant member communities.

Elevated Tank

A 200-foot tall, 1.5 million gallon elevated storage tank is located downstream of the BPS to provide more storage, maintain pressure, and improve the system's reliability.