Agency Management Staff

The Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency hired its first employees on May 1, 1989.   On that day, Paul M. Neal became employee #1 and Melanie J. VanHeirseele became employee #2.   

The Agency’s success is built on its dedicated employees, including those that retired from the Agency.   Click here to see our employee awards for service and our honored list of retirees.

Management Team

William  Soucie Executive Director 847-582-9215 

Grant Wollert Director of Operations 847-582-9204 

Brett Sheen Chief Water Operator 847-582-9224 

David Thompson Technology Supervisor 847-582-9216 

Melissa Olenick Lab Supervisor/Safety Coordinator 847-582-9262 

Jeff White Maintenance Supervisor 847-582-9221 

Josh Miller Distribution System Supervisor 847-582-9231

CLCJAWA Organizational Flow Chart

FYE 22 Oranizational Chart.pdf