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Water Treatment Facility

Located on 27 acres in Lake Bluff, the Paul M. Neal Water Treatment Facility serves as the headquarters for CLCJAWA administration, operations, maintenance, and laboratory staff, as well as the water treatment processes.

The treatment facility, arranged in four parallel 12.5-mgd processing trains, is entirely enclosed to allow for ease of operation and maintenance in all weather conditions. The facility originally included three processing trains for a total capacity of 37.5 mgd, but was expanded in 1999 to add a fourth train, increasing the treatment capacity to 50 mgd.

Innovative treatment processes allow the facility to meet the most stringent drinking water regulations. CLCJAWA is on the forefront of treatment technology implementing treatment processes to provide water quality that exceeds EPA regulatory requirements. CLCJAWA is the first plant in Illinois to introduce processes such as ozonation, inclined plate sedimentation, granular activated carbon filtration and ultraviolet light treatment. CLCJAWA is meeting its goal of providing high-quality water to its members