Agency Mission:

The Agency's purpose is to efficiently meet the drinking water quality and quantity needs of our member communities.

Agency Values:
  1. We value accuracy, consistency, and quality.
  2. We value continuous improvement and employ practices and technologies based on science.
  3. We value honesty and integrity in all of our relationships. 
  4. We value the confidence and trust placed in us and will endeavor to be recognized as an active, cooperative, and expert drinking water resource.
  5. We value our employees and want to attract and maintain a qualified workforce by providing a safe, competitive, and rewarding work environment.
  6. We value the input received by our member communities and seek to incorporate their needs into our current and future operations.
  7. We value the environment and recognize the inseparable link between our natural resources and plentiful, safe drinking water.
  8. We value the importance of financial stewardship and strive to accomplish our mission in a cost conscious manner.
Agency Vision:

The Agency strives to be the best conventional water treatment plant in the United States.